Please refer to the pricing page for general cost

All hair types can be a candidate for extensions. Together we will determine which type best suits your lifestyle. All methods can be combined with one another for full customization & a tailored look

To inquire, please visit the “schedule” page and complete the information

CONSULTATION REQUIRED 30-45 minutes (in person)

Extensions require a commitment, not only to the in salon maintenance, but your at home routine as well. All hair is double-drawn, 100% cuticle intact ethically sourced Remy hair that comes in lengths from 14″-30″ and over 150 shades. Custom coloring available for an additional cost

Cost of Installation includes a take home clarifying treatment to use on your own hair prior to install, a bespoke blend of hair extensions to match your ideal color, post install cut for natural blending, and a take home after care kit with your initial install

During your consultation, we will color match your hair and a 50% non refundable deposit will be required in order to book your install

Keratin Tip (K-Tip)

Keratin plant protein tips with a silicone additive, applied with a heating element. They are safely adhered to individual sections to help protect strands from damage by creating a coating while the bonded tip allows for free movement, naturally layered texture and 360 degree mobility. This is the most versatile technique, for all hair types. This method lasts 4-5 months on average, with ZERO in salon maintenance

Volume & Hand-Tied Weft

Both methods are installed using a hand tied method sewn onto a row of beads that hide under or in-between the weft(s). The machine sewn Volume Weft is best for thick hair, and a fast route to full coverage thickness, generally with one row installed near the crown. The lightweight hand sewn wefts lay closer to the scalp, and can be installed in multiple rows. Both methods require in salon maintenance every 5-6 weeks


Installed using a strand by strand application, with a polyurethane i-tip which creates a cushion for natural hair with a copper bead. You can use either silicone or non silicone coated beads, which we determine together during our consultation. This method does not use heat. Required in salon maintenance every 4-6 weeks


Installed with a latex free surgical grade adhesive that sandwiches hair between lightweight wefts that are customizable. Great for fine hair, but can be used in all hair types. This method requires in salon maintenance every 6-8 weeks on average

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